The Sunrise Wont Come Up Sooner Just Because You Wake Up Early

“The Sunrise wont come up sooner just because you wake up early”

My informer claims that whenever he becomes stressed due to work or school, he repeats this quote to himself daily. To my informer it means that you shouldn’t stress too much when preparing for something like an exam, presentation, or project. The trick is to let things flow naturally and deal with things as they come, not before. Worrying or stressing about things before they happen will only drive you crazy and unnecessary anxiety.

At first, the quote did not make any sense to me but after listening to the explanation I felt it had a profound message. I tend to worry and stress about situations much too early before I actually need to be concerned. I feel like I need to over-prepare myself in order to be ready but in that process I over analyze and psyche myself out of getting anything productive done. Sometimes I feel like I am not worrying enough but that is precisely my problem. Worrying, in and of itself doesn’t get you anywhere but worrying.