The Tale of the Lazy Boy

WW is a first generation Chinese American from Palo Alto, California. She is double majoring in Business and Accounting at USC Marshall School of Business.

“My favorite story my mom used to tell me was the story of a boy who was extremely lazy. His mom had to go on a trip, so in order to make sure he ate, she baked him a carb of some sort to go around his neck, so he could always have food within his reach. When she came back, to her horror, HER SON WAS DEAD because he was too lazy to turn the bread around when he ate all of the food in front of him.”

I think I have heard this story once or twice from my parents as well when I was growing up. It also has a clear moral to the story, which I feel makes it more-so of a tale than a legend (as the main purpose of the story is to teach a lesson). I personally felt that stories such as this one were more effective in getting a point across than tales with talking animals, for example, because the setting is more realistic but the actions of the characters are so exaggerated that they make me think “I would never do something like that” while at the same time providing a reminder to myself not to end up like the lazy boy.