The Tooth Fairy

“I don’t know if anyone said anything to you about the Tooth Fairy yet. Basically putting a, uh, quarter or a dollar under the pillow as a kid at night when they lost their tooth. And the tooth fairy would come at night and leave money for the tooth. You’d have to put your tooth under there and the Tooth Fairy would come and leave ya money.”


“Do you remember if it was your mom or your dad told you to do that?”


“My mom an dad both. That was, goes back as far as time as far as I know.”


“Was there something special that you put your tooth in or did you just put it straight under your pillow?”


“No you just stuck the tooth straight under the pillow and looked under in the morning, wake up and find a quarter under your pillow is what it was. And then I think with inflation it turned into a dollar.”

Childhood is filled with imaginary creatures and mythical figures, and the Tooth Fairy is no exception. Losing baby teeth is one of our first rights of passage, not to mention a young child’s introduction to earning money. As well as in the case of the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, finding out that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist comes as another early life shock.