The Trolls in the Backyard

I am four years younger than my older cousins. When we were younger I used to worship them and take every word they said as truth. They lived in a big house in the middle of nowhere with a big backyard full of plants and dirt which scared me, probably because I grew up in a city with a bricked in backyard. I hated bugs and didn’t want to encourage them to crawl on me by going into “nature.”

They used to tell me that there were trolls living in that backyard (which there might have been because I was too scared to go very far into it) that would give you giant diamonds if you found them. Of course, my cousins knew exactly where they were and could get diamonds all the time. They thought that the story would encourage me to look around in the backyard but as much as I loved sparkly things I was still too scared of the backyard to venture very far inside.