The Two Frogs

Main Piece: “Once upon a time in Japan there were two frogs, one that had a home in Osaka I think, which is on the sea coast while the other dwelt in a clear little stream in Kyoto. Since this was a large distance they had never seen each other, but the same idea popped into their heads that they should visit Osaka. So they went on the journey and the road to get to Osaka and it was very tiring. When they reached the top to their surprise they sae each other.  One frog said that it was a pity that they weren’t bigger so that they could see the town from the hill. But the other frog said to stand up on their hind legs and hold onto each other to see Osaka. This idea pleased the Osaka frog so much that he stood up immediately and the other frog did too. But at that moment they both looked into each other’s eye and forgot about the beauty of the city and only about each other”.

Background Information: The informant learned this story from his grandparents, and he comes from Japanese descent. The informant says that this is a very popular Japanese Folk story but with many variations, but this is the version his grandparents taught him. His grandparents said the morale of this story is to always stay in the moment and that it is about the journey and the people you meet along the way, not the destination.

Context: At a coffee shop in Los Angeles

Thoughts: This story is interesting because it contains information about Japan itself- Kyoto and Osaka. I am curious why frogs were chosen and not another animal, and if this means that frogs are culturally significant.