The Vanderlip Mansion-The Daughter

In the heart of Palos Verdes, my hometown, lies the oldest house in the city, the Vanderlip mansion. Since I was a child I heard about the Vanderlip Mansion legend of how it was haunted and had ghosts throughout the large estate. The story is that it is haunted by the daughter of Mr. Vanderlip, the former owner of the mansion. Legend has it that Mr. Vanderlip would not let her daughter marry an African-American man and she eventually killed herself because of her father’s maltreatment of her. Apparently Mr. Vanderlip built an insane asylum for his daughter and locker in it. He then proceeded to kill his daughters lover along with the baby that the two had with each other. The daughter is said to roam the halls of the mansion.


Info of Informant: My father, the informant, told me of the Vanderlip Mansion when I was a young kid and then refreshed my memory about it when I collected this folklore legend. He grew up in palos verdes and has lived their his entire life so he is well-knowledged about the legend. He lived fairly close to the mansion and told about how his friends used to talk about it when he was younger.