The Wak-Wak

The informant was told this story by her Filipina mother.

“She is a female vampire who separates from her middle, very bloodily separates from her middle and her top half flies to pregnant woman around the country and sucks babies out of their stomachs.”

The informant explained that her mother told her this story just before bed to scare her.

The informant was never told a specific story involving the Wak-Wak. Instead, she was just reminded of the Wak-Wak’s existence every night before bed.

This story was surprising to hear being told by a mother to a child. Typically, scary stories told to children by adults are not as gory as the Wak-Wak. The informant explained that because she had no siblings, her mother took it upon herself to act out the role of teasing and taunting the informant. Often, adults tell children scary stories like this to prevent them from doing an actual that may be harmful or dangerous. In those cases, the story has a monster who will only attack when the child misbehaves in some manner. However, in this case, the Wak-Wak does not target specific babies or women apart from the demographic of pregnant woman.