The Way We Eat

The way we eat

Stephen S. is my friend in high school, and he is from Wisconsin. He was born and raised there, but moved to Taiwan for high school. He’s now back in Wisconsin for college.

Stephen S. told me about a folk-custom that he had to endure when he was living with his parents.  Stephen S. said that whenever he would eat alone, he would just eat anything he wants in any particular order, but eating at home, he would have to eat with his mother, and his mother would be very strict in what order he should eat his food, but not what he actually ate, which he thought was strange.  The order was that Stephen would have to eat his fruits first if there were any, and then eat his main meal, and he can only finish his drink until the very end.

This remembered this custom fairly well, because now he can’ eat breakfast without going out of order. Stephen said that now every time he eats breakfast, it would be in order of fruits, the main course, then finishing his drink, it just became natural. He learned this custom from his mom, and his mom always said that she learned from her mom and that’s why Stephen also needs to follow this custom. Stephen never knew what it meant to him, but he always assumed it was to do with health matters.

This custom revolves around how someone would eat something so I would assume it would have to do with culture. May be the Asian culture preferred eating fruit first and finishing the drink because it happens to be healthier that way.

Personally, I have never heard of this custom. My mother doesn’t really mind what order I eat in, as long as I just finish my food. This custom could be a family tradition or a ritual. Eating in a specific order might even please your ancestors if they always had preferred to eat it in that order.