The Witch On the Block

Informant: “So I grew up inner city for most of my life, and all the kids on my block would talk about this one lady that lived like behind a fence. She lived near my block. Her house was isolated from everyone else, and everyone else would talk about her and say she was a witch. Once everyone was on the bus, and someone yelled “Look there’s the witch! Everyone come see!”. She was wearing red lipstick and all red. Kids would tell stories that she was evil, and if you go to her house she would kill you.

But then I talk to a bunch of my other friends from school that didn’t live near me, and they all had witches on their block as well! But we didn’t live near each other! One said that her witch had green skin like the wizard of Oz, or something. It was crazy. There can’t be that many witches. Maybe everyone just found a stranger lady that lived near them and called them a witch.”

Me: “Were you scared of her?”

Informant: “Yes, because she was weird! But I felt sorry for her…”