Theatre Chant: My Acka Backa

Informant explained that to prepare and amp up for theatre performances, groups would gather in a circle, clap and dance in place to this particular rhyme, which they would chant over and over to a beat, increasing in energy, tempo, and volume, until it is shouted as loud as possible, and as fast as possible. Then the group would stop and cheer.

Informant:  And then this other rhyming one that goes like, “my acka backa, my soda cracker, my GTO, my booty ho, yo ma, yo ma, yo’ granny’s granny’s got a hole in her panties [Made a shape with her hands like a hole], got a big behind, like frankenstein [The hole shape made with the hand expands], goes beepbeepbeep [Often they would gesture honking a horn] down sesame street, that street is slick, as slick as glass, and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my [Rather than saying ass, she pointed to her back]—” and then loops over and over again, increasing energy/tempo/volume.

Informant explained that she had much more pleasant memories of this particular chant rather than the “Eat the Babies” chant. In particular, she remembers jumping up and down, holding hands, as the tempo and volume increased. Both rhymes are fairly similar in what they achieve, and in how they are physically practiced. The difference is simply in the aggressive the lyrics are, as opposed to these fairly sexual lyrics, though the actions performed and the volume of singing is both equally aggressive.