Three. Two. One.

Main Story: There was a saying. It is hard to translate in Polish. It is “takich dwóch jak nas trzech to nie ma ani jednego.” What does it mean? To translate that. It’s such a special thing you say it to someone you really, really like to make this relationship really strong connection so special. What translates is you say, “There is no three people in the world as the two of us not even one.” There is not even one couple like the three of us. There is not even three people. Not even one example. So in English. You cannot translate. Make sense. But the way you say it in Polish makes sense. Makes it extremely special that you say the three people. Not even three people can make a group so special that just the two of us is not even one like this.

Background Information: Gosia is Polish. She’s the fiancee of Glen Steele.

Context of the Performance: The story was performed in Glen’s house.

My Thoughts on the Piece: Clearly, this saying was difficult to translate but once I got it I thought it was really cool. You often hear people say that things don’t always translate but this was a really good example. It’s clear that there’s a play on the idea of three, two and one but I bet that there’s a whole sense that comes through in Polish that doesn’t come through in English. Experiences like this make me want to learn more foreign languages.