throwing chestnuts and walnuts at weddings

Informant is a descendant of Korean immigrants who moved to the states in the early 80s and now resides in Utah.

Tradition as told by informant: (earlier we were discussing our cousin getting married) Talking about marriage, there is a thing where they throw chestnuts and walnuts to signify healthy babies.

Upon further investigation I found out that it was dates and chestnuts instead of walnuts. A few days after the getting married, the couple visit the groom’s family for another wedding ceremony. Here the bride offers dates and chestnuts to the groom’s parents, while sitting at a low table filled with other symbolic offerings. As a final sendoff they throw the dates and chestnuts at the bride, who tries to catch them in her large wedding dress.

I know that dates are a very prominent fruit in Korea so it makes sense that it would have this kind of symbolic meaning throughout marriage.