Tradition – Columbia


Si quieres viajar en el ano suguiente, en diciembre 31 alax 12 am sal a corror con una maleta alredeolor del barrio.


If you want to have travel more, on December 31 at 12 am run with a backpack around the block.


If you want to travel a lot the following year, on December 31 at 12 am you should run around the block with a backpack at hand.

I came across this Columbian tradition when my friend’s boyfriend was visiting her from New Jersey.  We had been talking about traveling and it had just been the New Year going into 2007, as it was only February.   Therefore this piece of Columbian tradition came up in conversation.

The above saying translates to, if I person wants to travel a lot in the upcoming year, then on New year’s eve at midnight they should take a backpack (it does not need to have anything in it) and run as fast as they can around the block.  Like most traditions on New Years the person hopes that their wish is going to come true in the New Year.  Ironically for David it did, this is what made this tradition so interesting to me.  He ran around the block with his backpack at midnight on December 31 1999.  In the year 2000 his entire family moved to the United States.  When they moved here their lives changed.  They moved to a suburb of Philadelphia in New Jersey.  David and all of his sibling were now able to attend college and live a new life.