Tradition – Italy

La Fraschetta

La Fraschetta is a winery where the peasants store their wine. It is located near huge vineyards which are famous for their white wine. The farmers keep the high quality wine in the winery, and sell the lower quality wine to the tourists.  This wine cellar is opened at night to the public and wooden seats and tables are set up. Families bring their own food and drink the wine that has been stored there. These gatherings are very popular during the spring and summer because it is good weather for being outside. They are a place for socialization.  Those who work in the vineyards get to meet others who work in the same industry.

Like many other traditions, this Italian tradition has been picked up by tourists. In the beginning, the winery was only opened to those who worked in the vineyards. It was an attraction for those in the social lower class who did not have much money to spend on fancy gatherings. Recently, according to Francesca, this has become a tourist attraction. One thing has not changed; tourists are still given the bad wine.

I found it interesting that music was not present at this social event. It seems that the majority of social traditions have some kind of music involved. It was also interesting that Francesca, who attended on of these gatherings when she lived in Frascati, said that the event was bizarre. From the way she described the gathering I do not see what is so bizarre about it. I will most likely not find out until I attend one of these gatherings myself.