Train Tracks

3) Train tracks

  • I had a friend in San Antonio who would suggest going to the “train tracks” every night when we would be looking for something to do, insisting that it was the scariest haunted thing she had ever experienced. One night we finally gave in, and she drove us to the South Side of town and told us the legend as we approached. Apparently a school bus stalled on the tracks one morning as a train approached. The conductor tried to stop it but couldn’t, and the train barreled into the schoolkids, killing all of them. Their ghosts still haunt the tracks to this day, and they say that if you park your car on the tracks and put it in neutral it will start to move uphill from the children pushing it out of the way of possible trains. You will even find their tiny fingerprints on your car if you sprinkle baby powder or something on it. We got there and parked. It was very eerie, and once we put the car in neutral it moved a tennsy bit. We got the hell out of there, but I’m pretty sure the car just moved because of an incline.
  • I asked Annalise again, to tell me a folklore myth that she has experienced in her life and this is the story that she told me. When she performed this it was at night, and we were sitting in her dorm, and really added to the creepy vibe of this whole experience.
  • Again, I have never heard of this story before, neither have I been to the south side of town, but it all sounds very interesting and makes me wanna go and experience it. It kind of sounds along the line of those ghostly hitch-hiker story though; that probably something else in nature caused certain things to happen, but people, out of superstition think that it is something supernatural.