Turdy Tomfoolery

Informant: So for April Fool’s I saw on Instagram this woman, she’s an artist in New Orleans and she’s crazy! You take a toilet paper roll and you make it all wet, then you rip it up and clump it together and it looks like a poop!

Collector: Oh my God!

Informant: Then you can like, put it somewhere! And the person’s like, “Turd! There’s a turd in the bed!”

Collector’s Notes: I think this has a lot to do with things that we as a Western society view as “taboo.”  It’s very taboo to talk about feces, pr to even talk about going to the bathroom at all!  We tend to pretend like these things don’t exist, like the popular joke and saying that appeared was that “girls don’t poop.”  Well, of course they do.  Everyone and most living things on Earth do.  It’s just the human body doing what it’s supposed to do.  We, however, have developed this weird relationship with going to the bathroom.  It’s seen as a very dirty thing in a world that we like to keep very clean.  We call it “going to the restroom” or “bathroom” when we are neither resting or bathing.  So, for practical jokes, people like to make light of these “taboo” topics and turn them into something funny.  Putting fake poo in places that one wouldn’t expect it is both shocking and bringing the “off-limits” to the forefront.  This joke is definitely one for the books.