Turkey PO-BOY Recipe

Black, Indian


18, student

28 April 2011

Thanksgiving Po-boy



Fried turkey



Aliyah’s parents are divorced and so she has to celebrate Thanksgiving twice. Aliyah spends Thanksgiving dinner with her mom and then uses the left over to make sandwiches with her dad the next day.  The sandwich is a Louisiana take on the “friends series moist-maker” sandwich that featured a gravy soaked piece of bread in the middle of a turkey sandwich. The idea is an entire turkey dinner put into a sandwich and because the turkey’s fried–it’s a po-boy. Taylor made my stomach growl as she carefully describes every detail of the meal. She performed the act so elegantly as to entice me to try the sandwich.

This is a folk recipe that has been passed down to Taylor from her parents. A lot of cultures have similar post-turkey day traditions. The sandwich utilizes all the leftovers in a delicious combination and makes sure none of the turkey is wasted.

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