Two Jews, three opinions

This joke comes from my sister, BZ, who converted to Judaism four years ago. 


A popular joke is “Two Jews, three opinions.” 


“This just means that Jews love to argue and debate so much that there are three opinions for every two Jews,” BZ said. “It is used when arguing and being silly.” She first heard this phrase used in “a Jewish arguing Facebook group.” She says she and her boyfriend, who is also Jewish, use this sometimes when they are arguing over things that aren’t very important. “I’m a very stubborn person with a lot of opinions so my boyfriend thinks it’s funny to say this to me when I’m ranting about something that doesn’t really matter.” 


I found this to be a fun and silly joke. I have heard harmful stereotypes about Jewish people being stubborn or even greedy in terms of their past as tax collectors in the Bible, so I think it’s nice that the Jewish community has kind of reclaimed their own stereotype and made it into a digestible inside joke to be enjoyed among themselves. I will say that I think this joke is best to be made by Jewish people, because I think if other groups use it, it enters back into the harmful stereotype category.