Unity in Numbers

Subject: Proverb

Informant: Phillipe was born in Quebec, Canada and has two sisters and a brother. His family is originally from Quebec, therefore he grew up with french as his native tongue.  He currently studies Finance in California.

Original Script: L’union fait la force / Union Makes Strength

Background information by informant: This proverb is very powerful in Canada because it addresses the core of Canadian culture. The best way to become strong and powerful in anything is through the unification of individual elements. That is especially true when attempting to organize and manage such a large and powerful country such as Canada

Context of performance: This proverb prevails in any team setting, especially in sports. However, it also emerges in academic environments such as business classes in school.

Thoughts: Even though a proverb such as this one is very applicable to a competitive team setting, it is curious to note how it can expand its original intended boundaries to generate a much larger effect in an entire culture. Consequently, this creates a powerful unity within all members of a particular culture.