Urban Legend – Jamaica

Jamaican Urban legend

There is a place in Jamaica called Fern Gully.  It is swampland that is supposedly haunted. At night they say that the spirits of people that have died there, like that of slaves, come out and walk through the swamp. They are supposed to be angry spirits because they were poorly treated as slaves.


Kahniley said he would never go to Fern Gully at night. When he was visiting his grandma in Jamaica, she told him this legend as they were driving by it. He was about ten or eleven years old and it immediately scared him. He thinks ghosts are real, so takes the cautions seriously. Although Kahniley doesn’t think its 100% true, he is still too scared to go there and doesn’t understand why anyone would. He hasn’t heard any personal horror stories and even doesn’t know anyone that’s gone there. It is not specified what happens to someone if they do interact with a spirit. The legend of Fern Gully is told more as a cautionary tale from the older to younger people. Most kids wouldn’t tell it between themselves.

The basis of this myth could have developed from Jamaica being one of the first Caribbean places to receive slaves from West Africa. Back in the day, Jamaica had a prevalent slavery culture. The slaves worked in the gully and are thought to come back to haunt it in revenge for all the terrible things that were done to them.  Another possibility is the urban legend being completely fabricated. It could have been created by the British who colonized Jamaica in an attempt to prevent people from going onto the land.