Vietnamese Funerals

GD is from Orange County. She is a first generation Vietnamese American. Her parents are Vietnamese refugees. GD is a student as USC majoring in global health on the pre-medicine track. She wishes to return to Vietnam to serve the rural populations through maternal and child health care.

“For Vietnamese funerals, the immediate family of the deceased…um…wears headbands…or more like tied pieces of white cloth around our heads to represent the ashes of the deceased, even if they aren’t cremated.”

“I know from experience from both my grandmas’ funerals, as I had to wear them. In Asian culture, the hierarchy of the family is really important, so they’ll designate with stickers which generation you are. Then the guests attending the funeral know who to pay their respects to.”

As far as I know, this tradition is unique to Vietnamese culture. It also shows the cultural respect for the deceased and their legacy, as can be seen by how many people are paying respect bearing the name of the deceased person.