Wedding Tradition – Bulgarian

“On the weddings, the bride has a little pot. And they put it on the floor in front of her. And it has two flowers inside; one white and another one is red. White is for woman, red is for boy. And she should kick it and which flower should be ahead will be the first child.”

“I learned it through experiences going to weddings. And I think they are awesome; that traditions and this kind of things should be kept and go through generations.

The informant is from Bulgaria. She is currently attending university in Los Angeles, CA. She has been studying in the United States for the past two and a half years.

The time of a wedding is a liminal period that is highly ritualized. The activities in a wedding typically center around the uniting of the groom and bride– they must do many traditions together that symbolize they are now man and wife and others that attempt to divine what their future together will hold, such as the kicking of the pot to determine the gender of the first child.