Welcome to Jamaica have a nice day!

TK is my dad and he likes jokes. It was a part of his culture growing up and he always likes to have a nice laugh. He told my brother, uncle and me this joke this winter when we went to Montego Bay for a family vacation. It was a weird joke but it was funny.


“A white man walks into the airport bathroom. He goes to the closest urinal and starts to pee. Once he starts a black man comes in and chooses the urinal right next to the other guy. The white guy knowing the stereotypes, out of curiosity looks over the urinal to see the black guy’s penis:


White guy: “hey you have a tattoo saying Wendy on your penis too!!”


The black guy shakes his penis a bit and replies:


“It doesn’t say Wendy it says Welcome to Jamaica Have a Nice Day.””


The joke isn’t offensive and it touches the subject of male genitals. It uses the stereotype that black people have larger penises than white people. Genitals itself among teenagers is a funny subject, and if mentioned in a joke and said in a funny way makes it even funnier