What did the chicken say when he crossed the road?

What did the chicken say when he crossed the road?

J.H is currently my roommate is he also went to the same high school as I did. His ethnicity is Taiwanese but he was born and raised in Alabama.

J.H explained to me about a joke only he and some of his friends would get in high school. The joke is pretty much: “What did the chicken say when he crossed the road,” and the answer would actually be “Hi.” This joke was part of a group the friends made up, which was called the “Nao Chan group,” which translated essentially into the “Brain Damaged group.” Only a few people would be in the “Nao Chan group,” and only they would understand these types of jokes. The point of the jokes was meant to simply just to be stupid, and not having many thoughts in these jokes.

J.H happily remembered this jokes because of how stupid it was to the point he couldn’t help but laugh when telling the joke. And there are people like him who would agree. He first heard of this joke from his friend who was one of the starter ups of the “Nao Chan” group.

The context of the joke is just how stupid it is, and therefore not a lot of people would get it. This would only be significant to the group because it fits in with their humor, and they’re the ones who thought it up. The silliness of the joke is he thing that brought them together to make this type of group.

This joke is a practical joke that allows a social gathering of whoever understands the joke to be a part of. In addition this joke would also be a sort of initiation of whoever understands the joke. J.H mentioned that this joke may have spread though the high school but the true “Nao Chan” people would understand it.