White Owl

So this is kind of a ghost story or a superstition from where I lived almost all of my life, in the northeast of Brazil. It’s basically when a white owl flies over a group of people, everyone has to scream, “happy newly weds” otherwise somebody in your family will die in the next month. I heard this for the first time in when I was with my older cousin going to a family reunion party, to celebrate someone’s birthday. I don’t believe in this anymore but when I was a kid I used to believe in it, so I would shout, “happy newly weds” every time a white owl flew above me.

I am also from Brazil yet I had never heard about this folklore before. It is really interesting and the exact context and idea of how it came to be is unknown. Davi said that he heard it as a kid and he used to say it because he had fear that a family member would actually die but now he just thinks it is a silly superstition to have. I actually don’t think it is really common for a white owl to fly over your head but it probably happened to him a few times. I am not a big fan of these superstitions yet I find them interesting.