Window Watching

“My Uncle is a very religious man and has a hard time believing in spirits or anything like that, but through some instances of hauntings he has become more accepting. My Uncle went to NAU, Northern Arizona University, and lived in the bottom floor of a dorm. He would always go out at night through the window in his room. He had requested to live in a single so he wouldn’t have to have a roommate. He would normally come back around or later than midnight. For some reason, he always felt as though he was being followed, but he never saw anybody. One time he came home and while climbing into his window he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and  right behind him stood a middle aged man in a full suit pulling him back. He couldn’t fully get into the window back to his room. It freaked him out and he yelled at the man, “what are you doing?” He didn’t immediately assume this person is a spirit, and the man just didn’t answer him back. The man then backed up and my Uncle went through the window, shut it, and locked it. As he was locking the window he looked back up and the man was gone; there was no one on the street. He knew that it was a spirit and that was the first time that he actually saw a spirit. Since he was little he felt presences, but he never saw anything, and that was just the first occurrence.”