Winter Guard

Contextual Information

Time of Interview: April 21st, 5:01 p.m.

Location of Interview: Interior of Informant’s Room, Arts and Humanities

Informant’s First Encounter w/ Folklore: Freshman Year of Private High School

When Folklore is Performed: Before every Winter Guard performance.



“In Winter Guard, we did this thing where we all stood in a circle before every performance and mentally transferred all our ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ energy and nerves into an ‘energy ball’ and pantomimed throwing the ball away from the performance area. We transferred the energy by shaking and dusting it off of us, sometimes even coughing and pretending to spit. If we were outside, my coach would actually spit on the ground.”


Numerous things can go wrong during a sporting match, so any form of mental concentration or preparedness is welcome before a match. By banding together, the Winter Guard team places emphasis upon the unity and coordination required in their performances, and allows everyone to enter a “team” mindset.