You get what you get

Story: ‘You get what you get, and you don’t get upset!’ That’s the saying I heard countless times over my elementary years. Every time we got popsicles, prizes, books, or markers, it was always that saying – it didn’t matter if you got a flavor you hated, and the person next you you got your favorite. I hated that saying.

Context: The informant told me this particular story over text, and they heard this saying from teachers, their parents, and camp counselors.

Thoughts: The informant says this stuck with them because they always hated hearing it, especially since it usually meant that they couldn’t switch out whatever it is they has in the moment. However, they acknowledge that now, looking back, they understand why the saying was used by so many teachers of theirs.

Analysis: I also heard this as a kid! I also wasn’t the biggest fan, but I think the saying taught a very valuable lesson of learning to be happy for others, even if you aren’t for yourself. That seems super important to learn from an early age, especially since later in life it is so common to deal with feelings of insecurity over other people’s accomplishments.