Zodiac Superstition

The interview will be depicted by initials. The Interviewer is QB and the interview is CH.


QB: Are there any other superstitions you can tell me?


CH: For your Zodiac year…If its your Zodiac year it is thought you are more prone to dangers and misfortune…so…you have to wear red to ward away evils or evil things. A lot of people wear red bracelets or necklaces, but my family and I wear red underwear. It has to be, like, the duration is a whole year starting on Chinese New Year. Or it has to just have red on it?


QB: So you wear it for a whole year?


CH: Mhmmm…but its only every 12 years so its not that bad.


Analysis: The seems to be a little different from other traditions. While it follows the universal meaning of wearing red for protection, it is interesting that it only pertains to the students underwear. They seemed a little uncomfortable speaking about this certain ritual, but confirmed that each year they never failed to follow the rules.