Instances in a Haunted House

Background  The interviewer and informant, EM, met in college. EM’s mother’s best friend is sure she lives in a haunted house.  Context EM tells the interviewer about two ghostly experiences that the lady has told her. Both instances happened in the supposedly haunted house.    Transcript  “Basically, she has had so many instances of a ghost… Continue Reading »

La Llorona

Interviewer: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me with my project. I asked you if you knew any ghost stories and you said, “Of course every Mexican should at least know one.” Could you tell me what you mean by that? Informant: Well the reason I said that is… Continue Reading »


 Story: This story is about my great grandpa’s best friend Quincho. Quincho had curly black hair and green eyes and was alive during the Mexican Revolution. One day, Quincho was falsely accused of a crime and the punishment was execution. The place of his execution would be a cemetery. Knowing that his best friend has… Continue Reading »