Great Grandma the Gracious Ghost

Background: The informant experienced this occurrence in his junior year of high school around November near Thanksgiving. The informant only experienced ghostly occurrences in his bedroom which was on the second floor. His room is overall an interesting shape and he has two steps that lead to a somewhat elevated area. Before this story they… Continue Reading »

The Amherst Ghost

Background: This story is the one and only encounter that the informant has had with a ghost. The informant just graduated from Amherst College in 2015, and she moved back home to Arizona. The informant was frantically looking for jobs, and her college reached out to offer a job in admissions for the following week…. Continue Reading »

Haunted by a Shadow man

Background: the informant was my roommate and we had already been discussing supernatural occurrence during the Halloween season, just before this interview was conducted. They agreed to share a few for submission into the archives as we bonded over our similar experiences with superstitions in hispanic culture. Me: Have you had any supernatural experiences, or… Continue Reading »