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Ecuadorian Food

Main Piece: The Participant is noted as CM. I am marked as LJ. LJ: What type of food is served at your parties back home? CM: Before I used to live in the, uh, Ecuadorian neigborhood…before it got really gang infested….ha. But my mom used to cook a lot for the community. Um, but we… Continue Reading »

Cold Remedies

Main Piece: The participant/interviewee is marked as MG. MG: “No salgas con el cabello mojado.” (Don’t go out with wet hair) “If you wet you feet, you have to take a shower.” If you go to the beach you have to take a shower…a lot of sayings have to do with getting sick. LJ: When… Continue Reading »

Freeze Tag

Main Piece: The Participant/Interviewee is marked as MG. I am marked as LJ. MG: If we got to be outside, we played freeze tag. Which would take verrrryy long. And it would be fun, we would be sweating. LJ: What were the rules? MG:The rules would be, you count to 20, and then you run…. Continue Reading »

Genesis/Christian Story

Main Piece: The following was recorded from Participant/interviewee. She is marked as MJ. I am marked as LJ. MG: So on the first day….God created land. Second day, I think he…separated waters. Anyways! On everyday he did something different–the celesital stars, animals…On the sixth day, he created humans and the seventh he rested. I just… Continue Reading »