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Korean Proverb

There is a proverb in Korea that is “서당개 삼년이면 풍월을 읊는다” Original script: 서당개 삼년이면 풍월을 읊는다 Phonetic (Roman) script: Seodang-gae samnyeon-imyeon pungwol-eul eulpneunda. Transliteration: A dog at school will know words three years later Full translation: Practice makes perfect Background: My informant is a 23-year-old friend from Korea, identified as H. She interprets… Continue Reading »

Korean Proverb

There is a proverb in Korea that is “가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다” Original script: 가는 말이 고와야 오는 말이 곱다 Phonetic (Roman) script: Ganeun mal-i gowaya oneun mal-i gobda Transliteration: If the word you say is good, then the word coming back at you is good Full translation: What goes around comes around…. Continue Reading »

Korea’s First Birthday Tradition, Dol-jabi

Main Piece: This is a translation from a conversation with my mom about first birthday traditions in Korea. She is identified here as M and I am identified as IC. IC: Can you tell me about Dol-jabi? M: Dol-jabi is a tradition where you get the baby to grab something on their first birthday to… Continue Reading »

Korean Mid-Autumn Festival

Main Piece: This is a summary of mid-autumn festival in Korea that I talked to my mom about. Mid-Autumn festival is August 15th on the lunar calendar and falls around mid-September to October. It is called “Chu-seok” and is kind of like Korean thanksgiving in that it is a seasonal holiday that celebrates harvest. The… Continue Reading »