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You will leave the world empty-handed – Arabic Story

Context: He heard this story in the 1960s from a family member of the man who passed away (منكو, pronounced “Mango” despite the “k” sound). The burial took place in Amman, Jordan, and said that “people talked about it for two decades but still old people in my age remember the story and talk about… Continue Reading »

Mud Hugs

Main Piece: What’s the story behind the tradition? “I don’t know if this story is true, but every summer the oldest age group went on their long camping trip, overnight-thing. Then they would come back to camp, and for some reason, one year, the age group ended up …like… in an orange grove or some… Continue Reading »

La Mano Peluda

–Informant Info–Nationality: United States of AmericaAge: 30Occupation: Lead Associate of Operations, Chase BankResidence: Laguna Niguel, CADate of Performance/Collection: 4/19/2021Primary Language: EnglishOther Language(s): Spanish Main Piece: The following conversation is transcribed from a conversation between me (HS) and my co-worker/informant (MR). MR: So La Mano Peluda translates to “hairy hand.” It’s basically an old legend that… Continue Reading »

The Lake Arrowhead Hand

The following conversation is transcribed from a conversation between me (HS) and my friend/informant (DS). HS: So what’s your take on The Hand? DS: Alright so first of all we’ve gotta explain how this lake story came to be. In water skiing, there are different ways of holding the cable that are more efficient than… Continue Reading »

Legend – Stepping on the School Seal

Context:  My informant is a 21-year-old female MSU student from Southern California. She heard this story from a friend who went to a different university, though she couldn’t remember which one. This story was collected when we were on a phone call and I asked her if she knew any school lore.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Main Text:… Continue Reading »