Collector: I consider you as really on top of the trends. (laughs)

Informant: Let’s see, the things that are trending right now…

Collector: What’s that thing you always say?

Informant: Oh. “Am I right, ladies?”

Collector: Yeah that one! And the other was “Fries before guys,” right? I actually saw a phone case that said that.

Informant: Oh really? Yeah it’s just little things like that. Like, things that are trending on Twitter are like “!!1111!!”

Collector: What is that? Like, what does that mean?

Informant: It’s like, if you’re saying something sarcastically, but like with a lot of emphasis. So it’d be like, “wow, I had a really good night of sleep last night !111!” if you’re like, completely kidding.

Collector: Oh! I’ve never even heard of that.

Informant: Oh, really? Yeah it’s something I always do.

Collector: I’ll have to look on your Twitter.

Informant: It just like indicates that you’re being really sarcastic but also very passionate at the same time.


Collector’s Notes: It’s really weird and yet interesting to see our culture’s interest switch from the written word to symbols or pictures.  In a society in which we exchange picture via Snapchat all the time and limit our thoughts online to 140 characters or less (Twitter) it makes sense that people would try and find ways around actually writing things out.  From using emojis to convey emotions and thoughts, to simply replying with a selfie, some people find it difficult to articulate how they’re feeling with words like we used to.  This specific one, the !!111!! is a mystery to me.  The fact that the exclamation point and number one are on the same key makes me think that maybe this started off as some kind of typo-turned-joke.  Also, the number 111 can be dialed for a medical emergency “when it’s less urgent than 999” in the UK.  Any correlation? Maybe!


REFERENCE: http://www.sparsholtandwestcot.org/content/call-111-healthcare-when-its-less-urgent-999