49ers Beer Wall superstition

Sam is from San Francisco, and his football team he roots for is the 49ers. He and his friends go to every play off game the 49ers play at home. Sam and his friends always sit in the same box at the corner of the end zone. For luck, they take their beers that they drink and put them in a wall across the balcony of the box. When the wall is complete, meaning it reaches from one side of the rail to the next, then the 49ers will have draw from the strength of the wall and win the game. For every consecutive round the 49ers make it to in the playoffs, the more rows of beer need to be added to the wall.
Within the past three years of doing it, the 49ers never lost at home during the playoffs when the beer wall was complete. The past Super Bowl, the 49ers did not play at home, and Sam and his friends could not build the wall. Unfortunately, the 49ers lost. If they would have played in San Francisco, it may have been another scenario.
At the moment, Sam’s superstition has been completely accurate, and is still waiting to fail. However, it is inevitable that the beer wall will fail because a team cannot win every play off game at home forever.