Ricardo is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently lives there “for 75 percent of the year.”


Ricardo: “The story behind abacate is that there was this woman a long time ago who had a bunch of extra avocado after, like, a dinner that she served, so she decided to not let it go to waste and make something out of it. She decided to make a dessert, like, dish, and it became abate. It’s like my favorite food ever (laughs). You basically combine it with cream of milk and sweeten it with sugar and make it cold…super easy. My mom makes the best abacate.”


Brazilians have it after dinner as a dessert.

My Thoughts:

Personally, I am not sure if I would like this dessert. I love avocado and guacamole, but I do not think it sounds very appetizing to turn them into a dessert with cream. It reminds me of pistachio ice cream, which I strongly dislike. I am always surprised at the different ways different cultures prepare food, because a lot of the time it seems like they taste things completely differently than people in the United States do.