Informant was a 20 year old male who was born in North Carolina and moved to Santa Monica at an early age. He attends the University of San Diego and is an old family friend that came to visit.


“So my dad’s uncle used to tell them as kids that if they fucked around and did stupid shit, then the Aldigench was gonna get them. And they were always like “Who’s the Aldigench? What does he look like?” and my Great Uncle would never tell them. They used to go looking around the house and try to find him every time my Great Uncle would mention the Aldigench. So now, my sister, my cousins, and I all know about the Aldigench, because our fathers have continued this tradition of saying the Aldigench was going to get us. And we all know it’s fake, but now it has almost become like a running joke between our whole family. Especially when I was a kid, the Aldigench would often come up in conversation.”

This is a prime example of adults making things up in order to control their children. It’s the tactic of instilling fear in order to keep people under check, which, to be honest, is probably how most folklore was created. If there’s something you’re not supposed to do, then you can probably bet there’s a story telling you why you shouldn’t do it.