Alien’s Landing


In the informants hometown, there is a place called Alien’s Landing that is a popular lookout spot for teenagers. To get there, you have to trespass through someone’s yard and hop a fence, and it’s overlooking a graveyard. It’s very isolated and open, and the entire sky can be seen from it. Everyone who goes knows the story of how, in the 90s, aliens were spotted roaming around the lookout and UFO’s were also seen. That is when it was named Alien’s Landing.


The informant heard this story from her friends the first time she was invited to hang out at Alien’s Landing. She said that no one goes expecting to see aliens anymore, but every once in a while someone claims to see a UFO flying overhead at Alien’s Landing.


I think that the story that aliens have been seen at this lookout is a way for teenagers to create groups. Only the people who have been to this spot know the story behind it, so it could be a way of separating those who know from those who do not. The fact that the informant was told the story the first time she went to the lookout sounds like she was being brought into the group officially by being told the story.