Althea Manor (Legend)

My informant is Lewis or “Luke”. Luke is 22 and was born and raised in Darien, Connecticut but now attends Chapman University in Orange, California. He is of Irish and Russian descent.


Luke: “This is the legend of Althea Manor which was my old house in Connecticut. My old house was built in 1895, it was a farmhouse for half of Darien. And the rumor is that the farmer killed himself in the house in the 1920’s. So every night at 2:33 in the morning, it would sound like this one-legged ghost was walking down are hallway. This isn’t coming from just me either but my parents believe it to. One time my Uncle Bobby who came in late from the bars at around 2:30 said he heard the sounds out in the hallway and swears he saw a one-legged ghost. That’s why I never go out in the hallway”

Why 2:33? Is that when he died?

Luke: “Oh I don’t know, that’s just when he comes out”

When did you first hear this story?

Luke: “I first heard the story like when we moved in and then experienced it first-hand”

Did your whole family believe in this?

Luke: “My dad may be hard to convince but definitely me, my mom, and my brother. I was excited to leave for boarding school because of that”

Is there any meaning from this to you?

Luke: “I mean no he never did anything but I will always believe that and know I lived in a haunted house”


This legend is interesting because it is directly from a first hand witness of the legend. Luke lived in the house he believed to be haunted by a one-legged man. He even added to the folklore by telling me of the time2:33 because he observed this and recounted it to me in his performance. Not only Luke believed this but other members of his family do too and his uncle even claimed to witness the ghost. I feel like Luke must have been pretty scared to hae lived in a house he felt to be haunted and was excited to leave.