Ángel, Ángel!


AL: “When I was in Vietnam in 1967..we were out on patrol one day…and uh I was with a ground unit, so we pretty much always walked. Except this one day we got attached to an armor unit, and they rolled around in tanks-and..obviously as much as I hated to walk I asked for uh a hitchhike-One of the tanks, so I jumped on top and-and as we were patrolling they were moving along and uh..somewhere halfway through the patrol I heard somebody call my name…and I mean it was a loud call “Ángel, Ángel!” and uh, typically, in retrospect now that I think back..you know people didn’t call me ‘Ángel’ in Vietnam. You know they-they called me Doc-Doc Lopez, err some-something like that cuz I was a medic. But now that I’m thinking, in this moment somebody is calling me “Ángel, Ángel, Ángel” now I say-w-wait a minute..it doesn’t make sense. So, anyway I jumped off the tank to run back and see who was calling me..I got back to where that voice was coming from and..there was nobody there..So, meantime, the tank is still moving along. So I run back to catch up, so I can..you know, keep goin’ on the ride. But before I could get there the tank hit a mine, and as it hit the mine..it exploded. It-it was carrying around 6 g-guys, 6 soldiers in there. 3 of them were killed, the other 3 were severely wounded. And I think that uh..had I been on that tank obviously..I would’ve been wounded or killed, one of the two so..I…look back at the time and say..who was calling me? Well if we fast forward back, you know, to when I came back from Vietnam..I’m..sitting there talking to my dad one day and he says “you know, one night, your mother woke up from the middle of a dream..and she kept screaming: Ángel, Ángel, Ángel! They just killed Ángel! Ángel has just been killed! Ángel, Ángel, Ángel! And she would just not stop calling your name”..obviously I can not pinpoint the date, or the time when I heard my name being called in Vietnam..to the time when my mother woke up from the dream yelling “Ángel, Ángel, Ángel” but…inside of me I believe that..that might’ve been what it was. That, uh. It was my mother that was calling me, and I was listening to her calling me-and i think that-that’s what saved me that one day”


SF: “So do you believe it was a spiritual..uh warning or a ghostly encounter of some sort?”

AL: “I think..it was a spiritual connection. Something s-supernatural. Supernatural connection. Something that through, uh, space and time you know..It-it uh..there was that connection with my mom and I head her calling me. Even though she was waking up from a dream, you know back in the states, I was hearing her voice..In uh, in Vietnam that one day”


The idea of a ghost or spirit spans several different realms of concept. Because of this, I believe that what the informant experienced was a ghostly encounter. Even though she is alive, the spirit of his mother called out to him. Ghosts and spirits are often regarded as entities of energy that are not confined by the concepts of space and time, and are able to appear whenever, and however they chose. Due to these reasons alone, it it quite possible that what the informant experienced is far beyond coincidental.