Are you from Tennessee? Pickup Line

Text: “Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see.””

Context: K.N. first heard this pickup line in high school, but has heard it/seen it on social media several different times since. She understands it to mean that whoever you’re saying it to is a “10/10. Gorgeous. It’s a play on words.” When she first heard it, being from LA she didn’t fully understand when someone asked her if she was from Tennessee, but enjoyed the play on words afterwards. She believe the pickup line can be used anywhere, with anyone. “At a party, in class, in college everyone is from everywhere, so it doesn’t really matter.” She believes the pickup line should be used in a joking manner.

Analysis: This is a common pickup line meant to engage the person you are approaching by asking if they are from Tennessee and then make them feel singled-out/special by following with “‘Cause your’e the only ten I see.” This is meant to indicate your attraction to them, essentially commenting on the exemplary nature of the their physical appearance. I believe that because of the commonality and frequent use of this pickup line, it has become more of a joke than a serious pickup line, but it is a good way to engage and start a conversation with someone. It is widely known, and people often know where it is going when it starts.