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Demon Dog

What is being performed?/Interview description D: My grandma told me this story in Mexico. At a certain time she had to cross a river to get back before sunset. If you were to cross it before sunset you would see a demon dog. One time her and her sister were fighting over a banana but… Continue Reading »

Thanksgiving Song

What is being performed? JJ: Have you heard the Thanksgiving song? AA: No, what’s the Thanksgiving song? JJ: Well, I don’t know if it’s called that but my family sings it before we eat on Thanksgiving. It might be called Thank You for the Food. AA: How does it go? JJ: (singing) Thank you God… Continue Reading »

Pabellón Criollo

What is being performed? TV: In Venezuela we eat something called Pabellón Criollo or creole. It’s basically just black beans, white rice, shredded beef, and plantains but it’s symbolic of Venezuelan history and culture. AA: What does it symbolize? TV: The brown and yellow in the dish are for indigenous peoples, the white is for… Continue Reading »