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A Rabbi and A Priest

“The rabbi and the priest talk about how they collect money. The priest says that the church has a box to put money inside. Then the priest turned to the rabbi and asked, how they collect money. The rabbi responded that he throws money into the air and says “It’s God’s money, so whatever comes back down is mine.”

Familial Jokes

  • “What do you call a Jewish Dilemma?
    • Pork chops at half price
  • If your lipschitz then my ass smiles
  • “You know why I’m looking forward to tomorrow?
    • Because I get better looking everyday.

The Garden Apartments’ Animals

In Ridgefield, New Jersey at the Garden Apartments:

  • There were 10 attached garages and at night the kids that lived in the Garden apartments would say that lions, tigers, and dogs would jump over the garages. They were scared of this so the kids would stay inside at night