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Song – French

Folk Song/Poem in French:                                         English Translation: “Une souris verte                                                        “There’s a green mouse Qui courait dans l’herbe                                              Running through the grass, Je l’attrape par la queue                                               I caught him by the tail, Je la montre à ces messieurs                                        I showed him to some men, Ces messieurs me disent                                             The men… Continue Reading »

Legend – France

Legend: La Velue “My mother used to scare me into doing things by threatening that the monster “La Velue” would come after me.  It was basically this big, shaggy, monster with these poisonous spike/stinger kinds of things that hung from its body.  My mom told me that it was this weird animal thing that survived… Continue Reading »


Legend: “Basically I heard this story that if you swim in a pool, you can get pregnant.  I think the legend goes that once a nun went swimming in a pool and got pregnant, so now people think that if you go swimming, you can get pregnant, too.” Though she isn’t religious, Gillian told me… Continue Reading »

Ethnic Jokes

Ethnic Jokes: “Why do they put cotton balls under medicine caps?” “To remind n*ggers they picked cotton before they sold drugs.” “What do you call two dozen n*ggers working in a cotton field under the blazing sun?” “Old-fashioned farming equipment!” My friend told me these racist cotton jokes that she had heard from other friends… Continue Reading »

Family Tradition

Family Tradition: “The family has had a tradition of having the children attend dinner parties.  After dinner, the youngest child was passed around the table from lap to lap.  As each adult was visited, he or she had to continue a story directly from the parting words of the previous adult.  Each adult made the story as difficult… Continue Reading »