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Superstition – Chinese

Not finishing every grain of rice will result in not finding a husband. Christina’s parents and grandparents moved over from Taiwan to Los Angeles and brought over many superstitions to pass on.  Even though Christina was born in the United States, she is still acquainted with these superstitions and follows it in front of her… Continue Reading »


“What did the Mexican gardener say when he sat on the grass?”  –Gracias Justin came up with this joke during high school when he was with his friends.  He says that this joke is not meant to be racist, but is more a play on the words in Spanish and English.  He later explains this… Continue Reading »

Proverb – Chinese

Mandarin:                                ?        ?        ?        ??    ?        ?        ?        ?   ? English Literal Translation:    Ice        freeze  three    feet      not       one      day      chill English Proverb: One day of cold weather will not result in three feet of ice. Mrs. Chang heard this phrase in Taiwan, but does not remember exactly whom she heard it from.  She says… Continue Reading »