Bachelorette Party

A little while ago, my informant’s sister got married. As with the custom, they had a bachelorette party for her and my friend was not happy about it because all the bridesmaids ended up asking about her sister’s sexual life and things they would do on the honeymoon. Even though they didn’t have a crazy bachelorette party that we do see in all the movies, it was still a tradition that they upheld.

I believe that the institution of marriage has countless numbers of rituals and traditions that occur before the wedding takes place and then after as well. These traditions happen as a way to ensure that the marriage will go well. We constantly see brides thinking of new ways to traditionalize marriage as well as customize their own so that it becomes a day they remember forever. The bachelorette party usually occurs before the wedding takes place and only women are allowed to attend. Most of the time women will go to a strip club or out partying and celebrate for the last time that the bride-to-be is going to be single.