Bar Ghost Story

The following ghost story was told by a friend in a personal interview:

Interviewer: “Would you mind retelling me the story of when you detected those spirits in that bar in Washington?”

Shannon: “Of course! We had just gotten back to our hotel from a day-long horse show and wanted to get a drink so we decided to change and head into town to look for local bars.  We found this one dive bar near our hotel and went in to check it out.  There were no people in the bar but it was open and the bartender smiled at us as we walked through the creaky door.  Immediately I detected some paranormal activity”

Interviewer: “Have you ever detected paranormal activity before?”

Shannon: “Oh yes! Plenty of times! I can tell as soon as I walk in the door most times.  I have detected spirits during underground sewer tours, in old barns, houses, and even some kitchy little shops”

Interviewer: “So you were sure there was a spirit in that bar?”

Shannon: “Yes a chilling sensation overcame my body and I was immediately aware of another presence in the room.  However, I was not scared because something was telling me that the spirits were friendly”

Interviewer: “Something was telling you?”

Shannon: “Yeah I just had a gut feeling and in most cases my gut is not wrong.  So I asked the smily bartender if he had seen anything strange in the bar and his jaw dropped to the floor.  He said that every night before closing, he would turn all the bottles facing forward and clean up the bar.  When he would return the next morning, the bottles would all be spun around and various other things would be out of place like chairs that he had stacked the night before.  After reviewing the security camera footage it became clear that a human being did not mess with the bar and it was a supernatural entity”

Interviewer: “Were you ever scared of the ghost?”

Shannon: “Oh heavens no! I could tell that it was a younger spirit and perhaps he or she was just playing pranks on the living.  I’m sure the afterlife isn’t too exciting and so spirits create other ways to pass the time including messing with living humans”

Analysis:  Although I was skeptical of Shannon’s story at first, I believe she felt a spirit at that old bar.  There are a lot of common ghost story motifs in this particular ghost story including the old bar, security camera footage detecting the moving bottles but no human or ghost.  This is especially interesting because it is unlike any ghost stories because the spirit detected was identified as friendly and young; most ghost stories tell a ghastly tale of an evil spirit haunting a mortal human but this story remains upbeat and lighthearted as Shannon concludes the activity is just young, friendly  spirits goofing around.