Ben Elimelech 18: Tiny people story

“There’s a story my father used to tell me about these tiny dwarf people that would come out when people were not looking. Whenever anything was missing or misplaced around the house, he would say it was the tiny people who moved it. They were always causing mischief and would hear you when you came to disappear really fast. They had a peaceful community though and we were always trying to catch them to see if we could see them.”

Context: Ben is my brother, and he told me this story at home. He heard these stories growing up and throughout his childhood. My father heard the story from his parents, and it is passed on from generation to generation. My father is from israel originally. These stories represent an element of childhood that is comforting to remember. It recalls the connection of a father and son, which is what the story means to ben.

Analysis: This story was probably used to explain all of the misplaced items that exist around a house. This type of havoc is often unexplainable, which would prompt people to create a story centered around it.