Ben Stout 19: Tooth Fairy

“When I was a little kid I woke up in a daze and I swear to God I saw the tooth fairy. It was a ball of purple light that floated through my window by the dream catcher then turned green and floated away.

Context Ben is an American with roots in the Midwest. He told this story to me in our folklore class. The tooth fairy is an extremely common belief in America, with most children partaking in the belief. She is an entity typically depicted with wings that collects the fallen teeth of children. In their place, she leaves money. Fairies are historically trouble-making creatures, but the tooth fairy is benevolent and loves children. Bens version of the tooth fairy matches some interpretations of fairies that include balls of light.

Analysis: Teeth falling out is a substantial life event, that may be scary for some children to deal with. They are growing up, and their bodies are aging in a way that might seem mystical or magical. The tooth fairy is a good mediator for that life process, and helps make the journey to adolescence a little easier.