Beware the Golden Handcuffs

Nationality: American
Primary Language: English
Other language(s): French
Age: 52
Occupation: n/a
Residence: California
Performance Date: 4-18-18



What it is: “Beware the Golden Handcuffs”

Why they know it:  This was a saying that was thrown around her law office

When is it said:. Reference when warning someone. The proverb is said when someone gets greedy, is asking for to much, or gets that ‘sparkle in their eye’ around things of high monetary value or spiritual/emotional value.

Where did it come from: She is unaware of where it comes from but has used and heard it for decades.

Why it’s said:. “Golden handcuffs refers to something that starts off super super great but slowly starts to control your movements because the great part is too financially or emotional hard to give up. For instances, Brianna joined an organization that really benefits her life style as a working mother giving her a ton of flexibility with her hours. Over the years she might have wanted to change jobs in order to be more intellectually challenged but she couldn’t give up the flexible hours. For me, the salary at White & Case [her law office] was so huge that even though I really thought about working for the courts or becoming a professor, I couldn’t give up the money.”

Thoughts: The proverb above has really impacted me but not only in the way its explained. I can also see this being applicable to the things that cause the “sparkle” in your eye. As warning against greed and that nothing comes for free or without consequences.